inmyownwords1. You’ll Always Be My Cowgirl (3.14)
2. Beautiful Everytime (3.28)
3. Trouble With A Capital ‘T’ (3.05)
4. Switch You Off And Turn You On (2.59)
5. I Don’t Wanna Rush This (3.30)
6. When It’s Just Me And You (2.43)
7. We All Get Lucky Sometimes (3.06)
8. Cold As Ice (4.06)
9. Bonus Track – Gorgeous Little Ava (Dedicated to Ava Baily) (3.56)


love-songsShe's Not You - I Know She Hung The Moon
Look Heart No Hands - Earth Angel
I Miss You A Little - Alibis - My Love
Little Rock - Halfway To Paradise
One Emotion - All I Have To Do Is Dream
But I Will - She Doesn't Dance
Don't Talk To Me That Way - Donna
You Can't Make A Heart Love Somebody
Cryin' For Me


rolling-the-dice-cdIn The Mood - Don’t Be Cruel
Can’t Help Falling In Love (With You).
How Do You Do It - I Like It.
Johnny B Goode - Lucky Lips.
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes.
True Love Ways - Splish Splash.
Somethin’ Else - You’re Sixteen.
Twisting The Night Away
What A Wonderful World.


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